Gold Bar

  • Gold Bar Disposable Vape comes in 20 different flavors and contains 2ML of liquid. This product is used straight out of the package and does not require charging or refilling. Ready to use immediately without prior knowledge of vaping. • Nicotine salt 20mg – 50/50 VG/PG (2ML liquid)
    • Long battery life

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Gold Bar Disposable Vape | 20 different flavors

Gold Bar is a well-known company that produces disposable e-cigarettes that offer a convenient and user-friendly vaping solution. Designed for simplicity, these devices require no refilling or preparation of e-juice, making them an ideal choice for individuals who need a quick and hassle-free vaping solution, whether they’re on the go or want an uncomplicated vaping experience .

Banana Ice : Sweet banana flavor with a refreshing icy finish.
Blue Raspberry : Combines sweet and tart notes of blue raspberry.
Blueberry Peach : Sweet blend of blueberry and peach.
Bora Bora : Exotic mix of grapefruit and berry mix.
Hawaiian Sunrise : Fruit mix in the form of peach, pineapple and watermelon.
Kiwi Passion : Fresh mix of tart kiwi and passion fruit.
Lemon Ice : Sharp and tart lemon with a cool ice effect.
Melon Berry : Sweet combination of melon and mixed berries.
Oasis : Mix of tropical fruit, berry mix and menthol
Peach Mango Watermelon : Sweet and juicy mix of peach, mango and watermelon.
Peach Pear : Soft and sweet blend of peach and pear.
Pink Grapefruit : Sour and refreshing taste of pink grapefruit.
Prime : Garden mix of blueberry, raspberry and strawberry.
Raspberry Watermelon : Sweet and tart combination of raspberry and watermelon.
Spearmint : Fresh and cool taste of spearmint.
Strawberry Parfait : Sweet and creamy mixture of strawberries and pastry.
Strawberry Peach : Sweet and juicy fusion of strawberry and peach.
Summer Berries : Fruity mix of summer berries.
Watermelon Citrus Ice : Fresh blend of watermelon and citrus with an icy finish.
Watermelon Ice : Sweet watermelon flavor with a refreshing ice effect.

One of the big plus points of Gold Bar disposable e-cigarettes is their straightforward construction. They are created to be as light and portable as possible, making it easy to take them anywhere. These e-cigarettes are also extremely user-friendly, thanks to a built-in sensor for automatic activation that enables immediate use straight out of the package. This simplifies the process for both beginners and seasoned users to enjoy an efficient and worry-free vaping experience.

Gold Bar vape is offered in 20 different flavor options

An additional plus of Gold Bar disposable e-cigarettes is their wide selection of flavors, which currently includes 20 different varieties. This offers users the opportunity to find a flavor that best matches their taste preferences and needs. Gold Bar offers a spectrum of flavor choices across various categories, including fruity, menthol and tobacco options, meaning there are options for every taste.

When it comes to quality, Gold Bar disposable e-cigarettes are top notch. They are constructed from high-quality materials and have a reliable battery life, allowing for longer vaping periods. In addition, they are designed to create a smooth vapor formation with a flavor that lasts from the first to the last puff. In conclusion, Gold Bar disposable e-cigarettes offer an option for those seeking a convenient and reliable vaping experience. They are easy to handle, practical and portable, and come in a variety of flavors.

Product Specifications for Gold Bar Disposable E-Cigarette

Flavor profiles: 20 pcs
Dimensions: 16mm (D) x 110mm(H)
Battery: 360mAh
Liquid content per unit: 2ml
Nicotine strength: 20mg/ml


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